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"True courage is being able to smile in the face of adversity while embracing one's own vulnerability."

Sam's unique experience as a United States Secret Service Agent makes her your ideal coach. Why? She's lead teams. She's been on the front lines with men & women having to make split second decisions. She's experienced the naked truth of what it means to be completely beaten down and at the bottom, ready to give up and then come back...And now she's ready to give you a hand up.

Do you want to make more money in your present career?

Do you want to change careers but don't know how? (It's not a matter of just quitting).

Do you want to advance in the career you are in but find you get passed over for promotions?

Do you have a hard time getting your teams on the same page?

Do you know you were meant to lead, but find it's an uphill battle at work trying to convince people to give you a chance?

Do you feel like you're "disconnected" from the life you are wanting to live. Do you even know you're disconnected?

"What I've found through working with people is it's really just a few small tweaks, redirection if you will, and the discipline to do the habits that other's won't which can accelerate your success in anything."

Whether in the boardroom or on the field, Sam will work with you to reveal what's holding you back and help you emerge as the courageous bold leader that you were meant to be.

$1,500 1-on-1 coaching program includes access to Sam for (1) 90 minute coaching session per week for 6 weeks. Then $500 per month should you like to continue. There is no obligation, cancel anytime. You will work directly with Sam to set your coaching schedule.

Do you lead teams? Group coaching is also available.

Call 469-232-7894 and start coaching with Sam today.

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